Transient Students

A visiting student who regularly attends another postsecondary institution and who seeks credit for transfer to that parent institution may be admitted to the institution as a transient student. The student must submit an application for admission and an official letter from the institution (transient letter) which certifies that the credit earned at the institution will be accepted as a part of the student's academic program.  Transient letters can be emailed to
Transient letters must be submitted for each semester the student attends Shelton State prior to registering for classes and are valid for the current semester only. Transient letters must be on file in Enrollment Services at least 48 hours prior to registration. 

 Steps to register:

  1. Complete the online Application for Admission (Must submit  official, government issued photo identification and completed signature page).
  2. Submit (Email, fax, or in person) a transient letter to Enrollment Services. Emails may be sent to .
  3. Once the application and transient letter are processed, you will be able to web register.