Lisa Nix
Math 100

MTH 100-13
MLP Sheet

MTH 100-80
MLP Sheet

Keys to Tests - If you had a different version, it has the same problems. They are in a  different order though.
Test 1 Key 
Test 2 Key
Test 3 Key

MTH 100-13 (CBI Course), 100-80, and 100-81 (Online Courses) Practice Tests Trigsted Book
MTH 100 Practice Test #1    Addition to Practice Test 1
MTH 100 Practice Test #2
MTH 100 Practice Test #3

Study both parts of the practice exam below.
Math 100 Practice Exam and Solutions (Pt1) - I accidentally left off distance and midpoint problems. 
Practice Exam (nonmultiple choice problems) (Pt2) - updated 4/22/2014

Exam Review