MTH Placement Test Policy

Shelton State Community College assesses ALL incoming students through the use of COMPASS® (Computerized Adaptive Placement Assessment and Support System). COMPASS® is used to place students in courses in which they can be successful. Shelton State Community College requires all entering students to complete the COMPASS® Assessment prior to registration. The following students are exempt from the assessment requirement.

  1. Those prospective students who can furnish documentation to the Assessment Coordinator of having completed the ASSET® or COMPASS® assessment within the last three years at any other regionally accredited postsecondary institution. It is the student’s responsibility to provide this documentation prior to registration. The student’s scores will be compared to Shelton State’s placement cutoff values when determining course placement. Our cutoff values or placement scores may differ from other colleges. Students who took the ASSET® assessment tests may retest with COMPASS®.
  2. Those prospective students who have graduated from another regionally accredited postsecondary institution and have taken an intermediate algebra course or higher-level math course.
  3. Those prospective students who have scored 20 or higher on the mathematics portion of the ACT will be considered qualified to take Intermediate Algebra (MTH 100) and Mathematical Applications (MTH 116). Students who wish to begin in other math courses higher than MTH 100 must take the placement test. NOTE: Mathematical Applications is designed for students who are enrolled in a technical/occupational program.
  4. Those prospective students who furnish official transcripts documenting the completion of Intermediate Algebra (or a higher-level math course) with a C or higher from a postsecondary institution.
  5. Those prospective students who furnish official transcripts documenting an equivalent math course with a D, F, NC, U, or WF will be considered to have met prerequisites for that particular course at the previous institution and may retake that same course at Shelton. Students with grades of W or WP will not be considered as having met prerequisites.

NOTE: Students who wish to challenge the COMPASS assessment test score must see the Assessment Coordinator in the Advising Center. No challenges will be allowed without documented remediation and only after a minimum or 90 days have passed. Students may retake the placement test only if they are given permission from the Assessment Coordinator. Furthermore, the student WILL NOT be allowed to challenge a placement score if they have begun the mathematics sequence (i.e. if they have been enrolled in a math course and received a grade).