Application for Admission

Please read prior to submitting an application for admission.

All applicants must complete an Application for Admission and provide valid photo identification to Enrollment Services at Shelton State Community College. Click here for Admission Requirements.

Application Process 

  1. The first step is to create a Login ID and PIN.
  2. Follow the directions and complete all applicable information fields.
  3. Once you submit your application, you will receive a Student Identification Number (User ID). Print the page or record the information for your records. (This student ID will not be valid until you have completed all components of the application for admission, including Placement Testing, and have been accepted to the College.)
  4. Print the Signature Page. Complete and submit it to Enrollment Services. Signature pages may be submitted in person, by mail, email, or faxed to 205.391.3910.
  5. The third part of the application process is to present; (1) one primary form of documentation. Applicants must submit the documentation in person, by email, or by mail. Any emailed or mailed copies must be completely legible. Click here for acceptable forms of identification.
  6. The fourth part is to have ALL placement scores on file. Students with qualifying ACT/SAT scores must submit scores to the Assessment Center or Enrollment Services. Otherwise, students must schedule a Compass Assessment with the Assessment Center, 205.391.2963. Click here for Placement Assessment information.
  7. Applications will not be processed until parts of the application are received; application information, signature page,  and photo ID. College placement scores are required in order to register for classes (English, reading, and math).
  8. You can check the status of your application by clicking on the Apply for Admission link on the myShelton sign in page. You will use the Login ID and PIN that you created at the time you submitted your application. Click here to sign in.
  9. Click here to submit an application.


 Thank you for choosing Shelton State Community College!