Laptops and Related Computer Equipment Extended and Off-Campus Check-Out

Laptop computers and related projection equipment are available in the Shelton State Libraries and may be checked out for temporary, short-term use among Shelton State employees for college-related activities.  Each employee must sign a circulation form each time he/she borrows this type of equipment for extended or off-campus use, indicating responsibility for the equipment while it is in his/her possession.  Reasonable precautions must be taken for the protection and security of the equipment (see College Policy No. 210-20).

  1. Laptops and related projection equipment will not be circulated for office use except for use on special, temporary projects (such as grant preparations, special reports, etc.).
  2. Laptops may not be used as substitutes for departmental purchases for regular use.  Departments or offices that require the use of a laptop or related equipment on a regular basis, except for projection during classes, are expected to purchase their own equipment through their own sources of funds.
  3. Circulation periods for portable and/or laptop computers will be for specific time periods, not to exceed 5 working days, except under special circumstances that are negotiated in advance.
  4. Each employee who checks out a  portable or laptop computer and related equipment must return the equipment within the specified time period or lose his/her privileges for use of such equipment.  Employees may reserve equipment as much as one year in advance by completing and receiving approval on a request form.
  5. Training in the use of laptop computers and projection equipment  or of software which has been installed is the responsibility of the borrower, who may make appointments with members of the Shelton State Libraries Staff in advance for training in use of equipment.
  6. Employees must provide their own supplies (e.g., diskettes, CDs, etc.).
  7. Permanent files may not be added to the laptop and changes may not be made to config.sys and autoexec.bat files.  Borrowed laptop computers must be returned with all temporary files deleted from the hard drive.  Backgrounds, desktops, and other customized features may not be permanently changed.
  8. Laptops must be used for college-related activities and not for personal use.  Approved used of portable and/or laptop computers and related projection equipment include the following:
    • College meetings (both on- and off-campus)
    • Inter-campus activities
    • Professional development meetings (including off-campus travel)
    • Participation in activities of professional organizations (such as SACS visiting teams)
    • Preparation of grants and other special reports
    • Use with presentation technology (but laptops assigned for use with projection equipment will not be disconnected for individual check-out)
    • Off-campus classes


Updated 07/25/2013