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TEAMSpirit: From Quality to Performance Excellence

 What began as a Quality Improvement Initiative in 1994, TEAMSpirit has evolved over time into a Performance Excellence Initiative now aligned with the Baldrige Education Criteria for Performance Excellence.  The field of quality has evolved, over time, from a focus on product, service and customer quality to a broader, strategic focus on overall organizational quality.  This is reflected in the name change in 2010 of the Baldrige National Quality Program to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program.  The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program is sponsored by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), a division of the U. S. Department of Commerce, as a model for high performing organizations. 
Beginning with the principles, tools, and techniques of Quality Improvement, Shelton State Community College  transformed itself from a traditional committee system to a team-based model for employee participation in college governance. TEAMSpirit established a process for continuous improvement of college operations and service(s) through which all college employees were trained in Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) principles and methods. Over time, TEAMSpirit has provided professional development for college employees and leadership opportunities and learning experiences for selected student volunteers.  In 2010, the College adopted the Baldrige Education Criteria as its model for aspiring to and achieving a high standard of organizational performance excellence.
Through TEAMSpirit, employees may voluntarily participate in the governance of the College by serving on one of six Systems Improvement Teams (SI Teams), on the College Quality Council, on an Action Group or a departmental/divisional Work Group. SI Teams are aligned with Baldrige Education Criteria categories and focus on the continuous improvement of selected operational systems, processes, or services. Conversely, Action Groups are more task oriented and focus on completion of a specific task (i.e. commencement, awarding of scholarships, publishing  the college catalog, etc.). Work Groups address opportunities for improvement that are specific to a particular department, instructional division, or administrative office.


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Q-Tips for Quality Month (Oct 2010)

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