Dual Credit Quick Facts

Dual Credit - receiving credit at both the high school and SSCC

I. Dual Credit Requirements
A. Students must meet the following requirements:
1. Meet all admission requirements as determined by the College,
2. Have a minimum of 2.5 GPA (HS Transcripts must be provided.) - CHANGE beginning summer 2016
3. Have written approval forms from principal and superintendent.
4. Meet all per-requisite requirements. (Must take COMPASS if appropriate ACT scores are not on file.) 
B. Courses must be above 100 level and PED classes are not eligible.  The school/system will have an approved course listing on file in their Admissions Office.

II. Dual Credit Registration Process
1. Application - Student completes all applicable application procedures:  1.) Complete online application with signature page and 2.) Provide an approved photo id in person or provide a notarized verification letter by mail.
2. Form - Student has dual credit form completed and signed by principal and local superintendent. This form may be submitted by mail, fax, or in person.
3. HS Transcript – The student must provide a current high school transcript to verify the student’s current GPA. This form must be submitted prior to registration by mail, fax, or in person.
4. Take the Compass placement assessment or provide appropriate ACT scores (20 in English, math, and reading) to Shelton State.
5. Registration - Students must register themselves online once all documentation and approvals have been granted.

III. Returning Dual Credit and Accelerated HS students
Dually enrolled students may register themselves online once all documentation and approvals have been granted. Dual Credit will have a restriction (3D) on their account preventing them from obtaining an official transcript prior to graduation. In addition, all dually enrolled students will have a dual enrollment attribute (DUAL) that will prevent students from registering online without the appropriate permits. This is due to the fact that permission forms are required each semester.  

IV. Dual Credit Students Converting to a First-Time Freshman
Students must notify Enrollment Services of a change of status if they have not graduated from high school prior to attempting to register for classes. (Usually this only occurs in the spring semester when the student plans to enroll in the summer semester.) 

Dual Credit Permission Form for students