Public Use of Electronic Resources

Please take a moment to explore Shelton State's college-wide Computer Resource Use Policy.

The acceptable use of Shelton State Community College computing and networking facilities is to support instructional and administrative pursuits within the college's mission and objectives.  Users are expected to follow all policies related to computer resources.  The college will monitor the use of computer resources per policy: "Use of this system is limited to authorized personnel for college purposes only.  All activity on this system is subject to inspection to ensure compliance with this policy."  College policies regarding computer use outline the following expectations for acceptable use:

  1. Responsible users should avoid actions that make themselves or the college criminally or civilly liable to others.
  2. Responsible users should avoid actions that may inflict needless expense upon the college or others.
  3. Responsible users should avoid actions that may destroy, endanger, or divert another's research or writing.
  4. Responsible users will contribute to a free and open atmosphere for electronic discussion and will be considerate of other users of computer resources and facilities.  Threats or harassment of any type is not permitted.

According to college policy, as published in the Student Handbook, "Using the Internet resources to knowingly upload, download, or view pornography" is considered unethical or illegal.  Library users who violate this policy may lose library privileges and/or be reported to Campus Security or the Dean of Students (and be subject to sanctions).

Furthermore, library users, both remote and local, are reminded that it is illegal under Federal law (Title 17 of the US Code and more recently the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, 105 PL 304) to distribute copyrighted music, in any form including digital mp3 files, without a license to do so from the copyright holder. It is a violation of College policy (the Acceptable Use Policy, EG -1-1-5) to use the campus network for illegal activities, or in ways that consume capacity and services needed for instruction, research, and other core purposes.

Access to computers and networks and to the information technologies at Shelton State Community College is a privilege and must be treated as such by all users of these systems.  Library users are invited and encouraged to utilize the workstations and resources provided (in a manner compliant with any contractual obligations between the Shelton State Libraries and the information providers).  The library may deny access to users who abuse these privileges.   Furthermore, tampering with library computers or networking is considered a violation of the student conduct code published in the college catalog.  When necessary, users who engage in activities that damage library resources or disrupt library service will be liable for disciplinary actions.

The electronic equipment in the Shelton State Libraries is to be used solely for the library functions for which it was provided.  Activities outside the scope of service include, but are not limited to, chat rooms and games in the campus libraries.  Word processing and other software applications are available for use in both campus libraries.  Library users may download to their own flash drives but not to Drive C and are encouraged to routinely download to flash drives rather than printing.


Internet Use

Full access to all Internet sites is permitted to encourage library users to explore information technology and to assess the potential use of computing and networking in pursuit of knowledge and information.  However, Shelton State Community College expects those who use this service to do so responsibly, respecting the rights of other users.

As a forum for many diverse peoples and cultures, the Internet offers unrestricted access to ideas, information, and commentary from around the world, some of which may be inaccurate, controversial, or offensive.  The Shelton State Libraries do not monitor or control information accessible through the Internet.   Parents should note that the Shelton State Libraries are maintained for adult college students.  Its resources, including Internet access, may not be appropriate for children.  The staff of the Shelton State Libraries is not responsible for monitoring use of materials, computers, or Internet access for children in any facility under its supervision.  Parents should also note the college's policy regarding children on campus:  "While children are on campus, they should be under supervision of a parent."

Materials printed or electronically transmitted may be subject to copyright laws and may not be duplicated electronically or in printed form without permission of the copyright owner unless the proposed use falls within the definition of fair use.  Individual users are responsible for following copyright regulations.  Users are expected to be sensitive to the rights and feelings of others who may also be able to view or hear computer visuals, graphics, or audio.   All college policies regarding harassment apply to Internet use.  The USA Patriot Act supersedes state and local protection of the privacy of library users.  All library users should be aware that the federal government may monitor their use of library resources, including network traffic.  Library personnel must comply with court orders for such information and may not disclose to any user if and when such action has been taken.