EBSCOHost Ebooks

This eBook collection contains a large selection of multidisciplinary eBook titles representing a broad range of academic subject matter, and is a strong complement for users seeking information relevant to their research needs. EBSCOHost can be downloaded to any computer, eBook reader, or other device that is compatible with Adobe Digital Editions 1.7.1 (or higher).  Some handheld devices, such as phones, iPads, etc., may also work if they have the capacity.  Amazon.com Kindles are not compatible with this software. 

To access EBSCO eBooks on campus

You can read EBSCOHost eBooks on campus without having to download them.  If you choose a title in our catalog that is in electronic format, you may simply choose EBOOK FULL TEXT just to examine or read on campus.

  1. To download eBooks to your own devices, follow these steps.  You only have to prepare your computer or device once for reading eBooks. To prepare your device for downloading eBooks, go to Adobe Digital Editions  and download the FREE software.  You'll be asked to establish a FREE Adobe account before you can download.
  2. To search for an eBook through the CATALOG METHOD, search for a resource as usual (search by keyword, title, author, etc.).  Once you get a list from your search, you will see a designation for the type of resource it is.  Note that you can narrow your selections by clicking on the eBook filter in the left column.  In the catalog record, you will see the phrase "CLICK HERE FOR EBOOK."  After clicking you will be re-directed to the EBSCOHost page.
  3. To search for an eBook through the EBOOK ONLY METHOD, go  here. This page includes EBSCOHost eBooks available to Shelton State students.   When you get to the EBSCOHost page, click on SIGN IN at the top of the page, do this in case you want to add items to your folder.
To access EBSCO eBooks off campus

The only additional step to using EBSCO eBooks off campus is that you must create an EBSCO account WHILE YOU ARE ON CAMPUS.  You must then sign-in to this account to have access to the eBooks from off-campus locations.  To create an EBSCO account:

  1. Navigate to the "View All Resources" page of the Alabama Virtual Library.
  2. Select "EBSCOhost Search."
  3. Select "Sign In" on the right-center side of the top of the page.
  4. Select "Create a new account."
  5. Follow prompts.
A video of this process is available on our Tutorials page.