GIRLS                                  BOYS
Ashley Aquilina                  Sawyer Bailey
Selena Benefield                Will Coggins
Daniela Bermudez              Tyler Evans
Courtney Carlo                   Hamp Freeman
Mia DeSinti                         Asad Irfan
Hannah Ellis                       Chris Kelly
Devan Harris                       Kurtis Mauldin
Mary Howerton                   Robert McNatt
Kaitlyn Klubnick                  Cameron Sampley
Kaylee Nash                        Kyle Steele
Summer Stewart                 Seth Stewart
                                         Jimmy Valdez
                                         Elijah Vaughn

Congratulations 2015 - 2016 Shelton State Cheerleaders!
UCA Junior College Cheerleading Champions for the
8th consecutive year!


Shelton State Community College has a co-ed cheerleading squad. Members are chosen at try-outs which are held each spring and the program consists of nineteen members. The squad cheers and provides halftime entertainment for both men’s and women’s basketball. For more information, please contact Christa Grizzle Sanford at